We create games for mobile platforms.
Our games are all about competitive multiplayer fun and they are easy to pick up and play.

realtime. mobile. looting.

  • Cross swords with hearties and lubbers alike in a battle of gem matching dominance
  • Play smartly or you’ll have to bail and lose the treasure
  • Prepare to be boarded in style by customizing your looks and skills
  • Climb the leaderboards and blow your chums down by showing them your pirate rank

Aki Haanpää


Innovative, ambitious and entrepreneurial. Bringing a great amount of fresh perspective Aki is responsible for project management and matching the numbers.

Atte Ahtiainen

Lead Programmer

An avid gamer, hobbyist programmer and eager to develop entertaining products. Strong interest in competitive games, e-sports and immersive simulations.

Toni Vehmaanperä

Head of Marketing

A marketing graduate with an interest in technology. Experienced in marketing, sales and PR Toni is responsible for marketing management.

Aki Silventoinen

Sound Designer

Music composer and sound designer for life. Curious about game audio esthetics and techniques. Practical, perfectionist, always eager to create new sounds.

Tatu Kallonen

Lead Designer

A digital media graduate, a game enthusiast and game designer. Tatu values simplicity and player interaction in game design.

Teemu Rasinkangas

The Artist

All-around painter, illustrator and media engineering graduate with a systematic approach to creating playful graphics. Enjoys lightheartedness and beautiful aesthetics of games.

Juha Huhtakallio

Senior Advisor

Game industry veteran, published over 70 games and received over 30 awards. Juha has worked in the industry for 12 years and will mentor the team with his vast experience.


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